The Ultimate Ashley Experience

Fly Me To You

  • 3 hours - $2,000

    minimum requirement for FMTY

  • 4 hours - $2,500
  • Overnight - $3,000

    (breakfast is expected, leave by 12PM)

  • 24 hours with me - $4,500

    (spend the whole day together from dusk till dawn!)

  • Weekend rate - $6,000

    (2 nights) (minimum requirement for international travel)

  • 3-day getaway - $8,000
  • 4-day fling - $10,000
  • 5-day adventure - $12,000
  • 6-day trip - $14,000
  • 1-week honeymoon - $16,000
  • 10 days around the world - $20,000
  • (Extend our trip? $2,000 per day)
  • Extras
  • Add Greek +$500 to my rate
  • Add PSE +$500 to my rate
  • Add both +$1,000 to my rate
  • (Full panel STD testing is required for PSE and the clean results must be presented to me 24-48hours BEFORE our date. No exceptions!)

FMTY Expectations:

My first class/business class round trip airfare, travel fees, food + drink, and hotel accommodations must be paid upfront as your deposit for FMTY booking. As of Fall 2020, I now require 30% of my total rate as confirmation for FMTY booking. Once your deposit + 30% of my rate is taken care of, we're on babe! I move my personal and professional schedule around to accommodate FMTY bookings, so this deposit is considered nonrefundable OR we can reschedule for a later date should you decide to cancel.

Please note: Once the deposit and details are taken care of, I will confirm with you via text and send a brief follow up confirmation message prior to departing. I understand you are excited to see me (as you should be!) but I am unavailable for flirtatious banter leading up to our adventure. If you would like to connect via text/call prior to meeting, please review my weekly texting package or virtual fun options!

Hotel details (Name, Suite number, etc) must be shared with me prior to me/my assistant booking my flights.

If we're traveling together, the full travel itinerary must be provided to me ahead of time.

During overnights/extended trips I request minimum 8 hours of undisturbed sleep each night and appreciate my own room when possible. I'm a light sleeper and want to be fully rested up for all our adventures! I typically wake up between 8AM-10:30AM, I’ll be honest: usually on the later side as I’m big fan of sleeping in hehe and then enjoy starting the day with a big healthy breakfast or room service!

I need 2-3 hours daily of private time to check emails, workout, freshen up etc. For overnights or multi day trips, I will use my phone regularly to handle basic personal matters and be in the touch with world. Thanks for understanding and respecting this.

All meals, outings, adventures will be covered by you on this trip.

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