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Submitting a booking form means you have fully read and reviewed Ashley's rules, cancellation + lateness policy, and will adhere to all date guidelines listed in detail on this website. Any attempts to negotiate her rates, bargain, or ask for a service(s) that’s not offered this website will result in you being unable to book her!

All dates require a nonrefundable $100 deposit confirming our date. This deposit is NOT deducted from my rate, the full amount is due in cash at time of meet. Fly Me To You dates require my flight/hotel/travel fees covered as your deposit, in addition to 30% of my total rate paid upfront; the rest due in cash at time of meet. Outcalls have a $50 travel fee. Same day cancellations require 100% of my rate paid. Day before cancellations require 50% of my rate paid. Refusal to pay the cancellation fee will result in your information being reported in multiple client black lists AND you are unable to rebook me in the future. Please review my cancellation policy for more info.

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